Wednesday, May 1, 2013


here are the pics from our little DIY project.

  not the most advanced blueprint, but it worked.
i headed off to home depot for supplies.  it was a successful trip and reminded me of how much i love that place. also, if you want to feel good about yourself, go to a home depot.  lot's of men stop and kindly compliment. they are also more than willing to drop everything to help load and push your cart around.  i also did not wear my wedding ring for this purpose (not the compliments, but the help. and jared is aware of and approves this method)...
started off with the 2x4s and put together the frame.
 jared loves any excuse to use his power tools. he also has much more patience for accuracy and perfection than i do.
then we nailed the piece of plywood to the frame.
and i would like to say, that i did help with all of this... i was just the one taking pictures too...
then a layer of foam board (we used a 2" thick insulation foam board) and padding
covered it with some red, quilted material and there ya go.
nothing fancy, i am pretty sure a 9 year old could successfully complete this project.  but for less money and an opportunity to work on something together- it turned out just great. 

oh and in the front room, i also tried to do some shelf styling.. i am not very good at it. but i really like that i have had so many more places to put all of my books.

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